Investor Overview

Corporate Overview

Founded in 2015

Grupo Flor’s mission is to enhance lives and empower communities through cannabis. When we started in 2015, we strategically amassed one of the largest portfolios of cannabis farm leases on California’s Central Coast. We have since transitioned into an integrated group of licensed operations that span the entire cannabis supply chain with an emphasis on creating exciting cannabis Brands and an expanding Retail footprint. But while the expansion of our Brands and Retail stores are impressive, our focus on People and community is our foundation. 


In 2015, our goal was to harness the unlimited opportunity cannabis had for the citizens of our small community in Salinas, California. That’s why we say Grupo Flor stands for “Cannabis Unlimited.” We are extremely proud to have met that community promise and honored to have the ability to now make that same promise to other communities throughout the state and beyond. In each city where Grupo Flor has opened a retail store, 100% of the workforce is made up of local residents.

Grupo Flor has one of the largest foorprints in the state of California

Cultivation Square footage
Manufacturing Space
Largest selection in California
We hire 100% from the local community

Key Investment Appeals

Our Family of
Retail Brands

East of Eden – East of Eden embraces diverse communities beyond the typical cannabis user. These retail environments are designed to feel warm and welcoming to all customers, no matter their backgrounds or history with cannabis. This is intentional down to the interior design choices, such as recycled barn-style wood siding and jewelry-style glass display cases to let consumers know they’re in a safe, normal, and non-threatening environment. 


White Fire –  So much of the California cannabis industry is intertwined with trends in pop culture, music, and fashion. The current cannabis industry also owes a huge amount of gratitude to the young, pioneering activists who fought to end prohibition. White Fire exists as a gathering place for these hip, modern consumers to try the hottest new products that are integral to their lifestyle.


Flor – In order for the cannabis industry to expand, stereotypes must be broken and standards must be raised. Flor combines a boutique retail design and an education-focused shopping experience for the purpose of elevating the conversation around and perception of cannabis



Our Family of Product Brands

Litlz – Litlz offers high-quality cannabis buds, but not the costly large crowns everyone eyeballs, but the smaller pieces that are often overlooked. These baby buds come from the same premium plant and are equally rewarding in potency, proving that looks can be deceiving. 


Fire Sale – This brand caters to those who don’t care about the bells and whistles and frills of the consumer experience. Seasonal, limited, and sure to sell out, it’s the reliable daily deal for the daily smoker


Hoodies – Premium prerolls and blunts for the social, sophisticated, and serious smoker. The Hoodies Brand operates under the sentiment that we are all the same under our Hoodies. Whether you are a billionaire CEO or working a 9-to-5, we all put on hoodies to get warm and comfortable. Based on this understanding of equality and togetherness, Hoodies aims to unite the cannabis culture.


Smoke Stacks – he smokestacks towering over the Moss Landing boat harbor are more than a local icon from a fading past, they signify the birthplace of Monterey County cannabis leadership. The SmokeStacks brand sources clean cannabis from Grupo Flor’s family of independent farmers located throughout Monterey County.


Buds ‘N Brownies – We decided to bring edibles back to their best basics with Buds N Brownies. Coupling a talented local chef with a cannabis foodie favorite, our chocolate brownie brings you back to easier simpler times. With its consistently medicated and delicious flavor, this brownie is a modernized old school approach to getting baked. The traditional old school pot brownie is back!