We Are California

California is the biggest and oldest cannabis market in the world. As Californians who deeply understand our state’s unique cultural relationship with cannabis, we intuitively know you can’t paint this state with a single cannabis “marketing” brush. California boasts generations of cannabis connoisseurship and a multitude of highly diverse ‘cannabis cultures’ dotted throughout the state. 

In the 5+ years since our inception, Grupo Flor has created an impressive portfolio of Brands and Retail experiences to connect with this mosaic of consumers. We have unparalleled statewide influence through our 5 Brands and 4+ Retail locations.

Diversity and Opportunity

Here at Grupo Flor, we believe cannabis has unlimited potential to enhance lives and empower communities. That’s why we say Grupo Flor is “Cannabis Unlimited.”  We achieve these goals by bringing lucrative employment opportunities to hard-working individuals, fostering economic growth in communities, and passionately educating individuals on the potential benefits of cannabis.


Grupo Flor is committed to ensuring local residents benefit the most from the economic opportunities created by the cannabis industry. We recognize that cannabis can be a meaningful tool for empowering communities that often have less access to economic opportunities, such as women and minorities.


Brands and Infrastructure


Cannabis at its absolute lowest price.

Smoke Stacks

Clean cannabis from Monterey County.


Premium blunts and pre-rolls.


When Flavor Matters.


Small buds, big savings.

Cultivation & Procurement

First-hand access to 1.5 million sq. feet of cultivation powers our internal brand production.

Manufacturing & Co-Packing

We produce our own brands and co-pack for a growing list of third-party brands.

Distribution & Inventory Management

Serving a growing roster of third-party shops in addition to our own retail shops.

Building and Leading the California Industry

Grupo Flor is paving the way in the California cannabis industry with a suite of 4 retail locations, 5 consumer brands, the largest in-house distribution center in the state, a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, and first-hand access to the best cultivators in the industry.

In 2015, a group of visionary entrepreneurs took a leap of faith on the belief that cannabis has unlimited potential to provide opportunity in personal lives and communities at large. Grupo Flor is a seamless chain from seed-to-sale with a commitment to quality every step of the way.

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