With a long-established cannabis culture and a dizzying mosaic of unique community personalities, California is a tough cannabis consumer market to crack. One brand does not fit all. That’s why our Brands are not driven by focus groups or statistical analysis, but actually pulled from our relationship with our Retail customers and sister retail shops across the state.  Simply put, our brand strategy is informed by the communities we serve. Sure, we consult with broader state analytics – but there’s nothing like direct community relationships when creating a cannabis brand.  


Our focus on people and communities is what sets our Brands apart and makes them as fresh and exciting tomorrow as they were yesterday. Serving tens of thousands of customers annually, Grupo Flor is setting the standard for California’s cannabis brands. 



When Flavor Matters

A brand committed to bringing you a locally sourced, curated, and comfortable cannabis experience in every puff. Similar to the Paletero on the Streets, we are the plug you can trust. Our customers will feel the love of the quality and care we infused into our products. 

First place winner of the Emerald Cup Awards in the 18th annual Pre Roll – infused solvent extract in 2022. 


Going, Going, Gone!

When we opened our flagship retail store located in Salinas, CA we recognized that many local consumers were looking for the cheapest options available – sometimes, even opting for the “black market” instead, which lacks the safeguards, quality, and consistency you get from the legal cannabis market.

From that need, FireSale was born. This brand caters to those who don’t care about the bells and whistles and frills of the consumer experience. Seasonal, limited, and sure to sell out, its the reliable daily deal for the daily smoker.

Firesale brand


Little But Loud

Litlz offers high-quality cannabis buds, but not the costly large crowns everyone eyeballs, but the smaller pieces that are often overlooked. These baby buds come from the same premium plant and are equally rewarding in potency, proving that looks can be deceiving. For price-conscious consumers who recognize that larger buds are broken into smaller buds anyway – the price difference is not just attractive, it’s smart.


All Smoke, No Mirrors

SmokeStacks was established in 2018, as the first flower brand of Grupo Flor. The brand was named after the iconic smokestacks of the old power plant in Moss Landing, where Grupo Flor got its start in 2016. The smokestacks towering over the Moss Landing boat harbor are more than a local icon from a fading past, they signify the birthplace of Monterey County cannabis leadership. The SmokeStacks brand sources clean cannabis from Grupo Flor’s family of independent farmers located throughout Monterey County. SmokeStacks is not just a nod to where Grupo Flor began, it is a beacon of a fledgling new industry launched in the shadow of the old.

Smokestacks brand
hoodies brand


Dream in Reality

Premium prerolls and blunts for the social, sophisticated, and serious smoker. The Hoodies Brand operates under the sentiment that we are all the same under our Hoodies. Whether you are a billionaire CEO or working a 9-to-5, we all put on hoodies to get warm and comfortable. Based on this understanding of equality and togetherness, Hoodies aims to unite the cannabis culture.