East of Eden

A Little Left of Innocent

East of Eden embraces diverse communities beyond the typical cannabis user. These retail environments are designed to feel warm and welcoming to all customers, no matter their backgrounds or history with cannabis. This is intentional down to the interior design choices, such as recycled barn-style wood siding and jewelry-style glass display cases to let consumers know they’re in a safe, normal, and non-threatening environment. 


Our goal with East of Eden is to break the negative stigmas around cannabis and show people that visiting a cannabis retail shop doesn’t have to be intimidating — in fact, it can be positive and empowering! At East of Eden, we set the standard for how convenient, inviting, and revolutionary cannabis can be for communities and individuals.

White Fire

Ignite Your Passion

 So much of the California cannabis industry is intertwined with trends in pop culture, music, and fashion. The current cannabis industry also owes a huge amount of gratitude to the young, pioneering activists who fought to end prohibition. White Fire exists as a gathering place for these hip, modern consumers to try the hottest new products that are integral to their lifestyle.


With urban interior design, bold branding, edgy advertising, and high-energy retail environments, White Fire makes the statement that cannabis is here — and it’s here to stay.


Cannabis Elevated

In order for the cannabis industry to expand, stereotypes must be broken and standards must be raised. Flor combines a boutique retail design and an education-focused shopping experience for the purpose of elevating the conversation around and perception of cannabis.


The sleek interior design of Flor reflects our goal of creating a higher level of sophistication through cannabis. By being on the frontlines of the effort to normalize cannabis, Flor sets an example for what cannabis shops of the future should look like.

Retail Strategy

Embracing California’s Diverse Communities

As Californians who deeply understand our state’s unique cultural relationship with cannabis, we intuitively know you can’t paint this state with a single cannabis “marketing” brush. California boasts generations of cannabis connoisseurship and a multitude of highly diverse ‘cannabis cultures’ dotted throughout the state.

To be certain, California presents a complex mosaic of cannabis consumer preferences. We respect these characteristics by tailoring our Brands and Retail shops to those preferences. Serving tens of thousands of customers annually, our Retail shops are setting the standard for California’s cannabis retail experience.