Darren Dykstra

Darren Dykstra has fifteen (15) years of operational experience in the regulated cannabis industry and has been with Grupo Flor since early 2019. Grupo Flor’s reputation for operating its East of Eden retail stores at the highest level of industry compliance is, in part, a result of Darren’s efforts.


In 2006, Darren started a Proposition 215 cultivation facility in San Jose. Darren managed the cultivation facility until 2015, when he successfully applied for a retail cannabis license in San Jose. He started the retail store White Fire, which was the 3rd licensed retail facility in the State. Operating in San Jose’s highly regulated retail market, White Fire has had a perfect compliance record over the past 5 years.


As the Salinas City Council and Monterey County Board of Supervisors considered developing their own cannabis regulations, they toured Darren’s facilities in San Jose and sought his input on different approaches to regulating cannabis. When Darren joined Grupo Flor in 2019, he sought to ensure that the company’s retail stores always operated at the highest level of industry compliance. East of Eden has had a perfect compliance record under Darren’s watch.