Gavin Kogan

As CEO, Gavin is responsible for communicating the Company’s vision and strategy to our stakeholders and ensuring continuity of their efforts towards meeting the Company’s goals. Gavin was one of California’s earliest cannabis business attorneys.He started serving cannabis clients in 2008, even though by doing so he put much of the rest of his legal practice at risk. By 2012, he recognized that the cannabis space had matured to the point where attorneys could serve cannabis clients in more than just a criminal defense capacity, and he devoted his business law skills to that goal. Gavin’s practice was largely representing early California cannabis pioneers. In 2014, Gavin left private practice and co-founded Indus Holdings, a cannabis company that initially produced low-dose edibles. Indus is now one of California’s larger edible manufacturers and last-mile distribution enterprises. In 2015, Gavin co-founded Grupo Flor Corporation and has overseen its growth to a suite of vertically integrated companies engaged in all aspects of the California supply chain. 

Gavin serves on the California Cannabis Industry Association’s Legislative Committee and is a founding board member of the Monterey County Cannabis Association and California Cannabis Manufacturers Association.