Our Mission and History

Grupo Flor’s mission is to enhance lives and empower communities through cannabis. When we started in 2015, we strategically amassed one of the largest portfolios of cannabis farm leases on California’s Central Coast. We have since transitioned into an integrated group of licensed operations that span the entire cannabis supply chain with an emphasis on creating exciting cannabis Brands and an expanding Retail footprint. But while the expansion of our Brands and Retail stores are impressive, our focus on People and community is our foundation. 

In 2015, our goal was to harness the unlimited opportunity cannabis had for the citizens of our small community in Salinas, California. That’s why we say Grupo Flor stands for “Cannabis Unlimited.” We are extremely proud to have met that community promise and honored to have the ability to now make that same promise to other communities throughout the state and beyond. In each city where Grupo Flor has opened a retail store, 100% of the workforce is made up of local residents.

Diverse in Ideas and Backgrounds

Grupo Flor is committed to ensuring local residents benefit the most from the economic opportunities created by the cannabis industry. We recognize that the cannabis industry can be a meaningful tool for empowering communities that often have less access to economic opportunities, such as women and minorities.


Grupo Flor has also consistently recruited employees from communities that are underrepresented within the local economy. In each retail store, Grupo Flor’s team is made up of minorities, immigrants, women, and the LGBT community. Of the sixty-five (65) employees at Grupo Flor’s flagship Salinas store, forty-five (45) employees (69%) identify as Latino, and nine (9) employees (14%) are African-American. A majority of these employees are women as well. This level of diversity is typical of Grupo Flor’s businesses.

Retail Footprint

House of Brands

Firesale brand


Hoodies brand


Smokestacks brand





Industry Leaders

Mike Bitar



Darren Dykstra



Omar Bitar

VP of Manufacturing


Kasra “Kaz” Ajir



Supply Chain

Work St. Center

How do we sustain our Brands and expanding Retail locations? The answer is with our vertically-integrated supply chain. Grupo Flor started in 2015 by obtaining master leases to over 1.5 million sq.ft. of permitted cannabis farms in the Salina Valley. 

Since then, we’ve developed efficient manufacturing and distribution departments to support our internal brands as well as a growing list of third-party brands. Grupo Flor now stands independently as a powerhouse of cannabis commerce, fostering growth statewide.



Cultivation Square Footage

Manufacturing Space

Largest Selection in California

We hire 100% from the local community

Community Involvement

Social Equity

Grupo Flor supports local communities by partnering with non-profit organizations, small businesses, and integrating with local Chambers of Commerce. Through fundraisers, sponsorships, and volunteer work, we aim to uplift those in our communities as much as possible. Below is a growing list of our initiatives and organizations we have partnered with:

“Grupo Flor is one of the most engaged local businesses in all of Salinas. The company’s support of Downtown Street Teams Salinas has helped the organization combat the growing homelessness epidemic locally. I am incredibly grateful for the work the organization continues to do to help support some of the most vulnerable members of the Salinas community.”  – Salinas City Councilmember Gloria De La Rosa

Community Integration